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3:39 p.m. - January 03, 2005
1st Monday of the new year
SO yesterday was wierd. I went to Craigs for Brunch and he and i started drinking screwdrivers and then I went to bed at 1 and slept til 4 fuckin O Clock....

When I got up Keith had left me a message that he was back in town and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up for a drink. SURE!!!

Hell I had been talkin to him since before I left Cali so its about damn time. We went to Henry Hudsons and shot some pool then he and I went back to the house...where I thought I would have some provate time since I thought Russ was working til 11...fuck not he came home at 8 and so we hadta go into my room and watch tv..yea right...

Long story short he is possibly the best thing I have seen since I have been here and he says he is gonna come over to watch tube thursday and I am gonna cook Shrimp Creole...YUM....

I talked to Adrian on Friday And I am goin to see him on the 14th..hell at least I have soemthing to look forward too right?

NY Eve was a fuckin drag I was home in Bed by 1030 and fast asleep...oh well when have I ever had a good NY Eve? Never and so why start NOW I ask???

Joey from Tulsa keeps declaring his love for me..i think he is delusional but what do I know?

Jesse is moving here from San Diego soon...dunno whats gonna happen there...he may be a bit more trouble than I can deal with.

All in all I think that there is some good on the horizon...hell dancing in a cats ass would be better than the social life (or lack of) that I have right now.

Okay now that I got all that out..Im actually gonna work....

Peace Fuckers



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