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9:48 a.m. - January 07, 2005
Fucksticks and Gumbo
So I had a date Sunday night with the guy named Keith...We had been talking since before I left california and finally after the holidays and such we met up. Cute, cool, shy-ish but seems like a nice enough he likes CSI...kidos...

Well we decided to see eachother last ngit (thursday) I told him I would cook and we could watch CSI together...Okay!


Didnt happen...he better be dead...I talked to him Sunday when he got home and monday night to confirm...then NADA...fuckstick.

So Craig and I senjoyed shrimp creole nd was good. I think Keith was a little freaked out cuz I hang with Craig and he is gay. Keith is a homophobe...fuck it..whatever...just reinforces my thoughts that all the people in Oklahoma are fuckers.

On the upside I met another guy that lives in Stillwater (where OSU is). Thats about 50 miles from me. He just moved here from Michigan. He hates the people here too. So I asked him if he wanted to come out tonight and watch a shitty band..he said sure..we shall see if HE shows up. Im so done.

Craig wants to party this weekend...OKAY...why the fuck not.

I talked to Jesse for a minute last night he said something about being here in 10 days...GOOD! FINALLY! Even tho he is trouble he may be okay once he gets some sort of stability.

Speaking of unbalanced...I fessed up feelings for CK to him yesterday. What the fuck was I thinking??? I really cant believe he had (or so he says) no idea how I felt about him so I let him read diary entries. Well if nothing else it shoulda helped his ego a wee bit.

Well I am rollin into the weekend and next weekend is gonna be good..I am gonna go to Dallas and spend the weekend with at least I got something to look forward to...



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