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8:49 a.m. - January 10, 2005
In Pain and Firsts!
I fuckin HATE Diaryland sometimes when it loses what I wrote...Especially when I am almost done and it was LONG!!!! Oh well Lemme try again.

So this weekend was a First!!! I went out with Craig, Brandy Dave an Jennifer to VZD's and Actually had FUN!!!

Well to start off the weekend Dave from Stillwater was supposed to come down and go out with us. However, he got stuck redoin a floor in Arkansas and didnt get back to Stillwater til after midnight so he didnt make it. Didnt matter we had fun anways. Odd thing was when I walked in and we got a table Mike from the Green Door was sitting right beside us.

***Past Footnote***
I had met Mike about a month ago and we had started talking and got along pretty well. I went to see him at work and then let him come over. Well everything was A-OK then all the sudden he just stopped talking to me. Wouldnt answer my emails or return my calles...Fucker..So I wrote him off. No Big

***End footnote***

Well Craig got pretty trashed and Brandy and Dave took him home. And I lost Jennifer somewhere at the bar. SO I was standing there by the stage listening to Glister and my cell rings. I dont know the number so I call it back and its Mike. Dumb Fuck is standing at the other end of the bar. So I leave him a message tellin him that and then that if he wants to talk to call me. He did...a million times friday. And then emailed me when I didnt answer the phone. Then called me saturday a million times. Finally I broke down and let him come over last night. Should be interesting to see how it goes this time.

On a different Note the bands I saw were FABULOUS and I cant wait to get my review written for Sugarbuzz and get my pics back. It was a phenominal show and I will never miss another Glister show again!


Dave from Still water called me when I was at work for my dad on saturday. he was gonna try to come down saturday night but I never heard from him til sunday (battin a thousand here), he told me he fell off a roof and hurt his back. Okay...I will give him one last chance. If he blows it...fuck it. I still havent heard from Keith. Dave siad he may have a job here in OKC. That would be cool I wish he did so we could hang. I dont think Ill call him anymore tho..Kinda over it.

Mom and dad hadta go to Dallas this weekend. My Aunt Lavoyce passed away. its better she was in a home and had alzheimers really bad.

Speaking of Dallas, I am gonna go spend the weekend with Adrian this weekend pre-birthday. Hopefully I can see where things could possibly go from here...he called last night and said that Jennifer was getting married and that he knew it shouldnt bug him but it did. He was gonna call em last night but I never heard from him. I hope he is okay. He was prolly drunk.

So Now I have 2 reviews to write about Alpha Male and Glister live shows. I got a CD in the mail to review ..very good by the way and I am gonna review Adrians band friday...I love this sugarbuzz thing...

Okay and on that note I am out to do some work. In pain cuz I have the sunburn from hell but still..(yea tanning bed...this aint no california ya know?)

Peace Fuckers!



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