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8:11 a.m. - January 13, 2005
Fuckin Hell!!!
Well fuck.

Thats the first thing I thought when I woke up. No particular reason it was just the first thing that came into my head. Then I went to pee and with my hair up in a knot I looked like Medusa. wonder Im single.

So Last night I went to Petsmart and drug Brandy and Craig. Nothing monumental there for sure. Then Brandy came over and chatted about her live in for a bit. And how her Husband will be here next week and blah blah*gags*

I made the needed round of calls...Jill, Adrian, Chantelly, Jeremy (who is going with me to the WWE on the 24th WEEEEE!!!) etc. and then I laid down to rest and relax for a while. Passed out cold.

So I am gonna hafta do laundry and pack tonight as I am gonna leave directly from work to go to Dallas. Adrian has been left up to his own devices to get something fun for us to do soooo.....we will see what that entails...drinking? yea lots of who the hell Fuck YEA!

I started tanning and now I have a stripe on my ass...fuckin hell.

Oh and in case you are interested I have the new write up for Bishops Alley on Sugarbuzz...check it out at the link below!!



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