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8:18 a.m. - January 14, 2005
Lovin Life & Lucky
I am so fucked up.

Something is happening with Lucky and it is wierd. For the last few days we have talked a million times. Andhe told me he loved me and for a wierd reason I really dig him too. I think I am gonna go to LA next month for a weekend and see him. We gotta resolve this. He seems so real and not like all these players.

OH GOD I know I have said all this before...UGH....

I asked him last night if this was wierd and he said no it was the best thing to happen in a really long time.

I am outta here at 1 today to go party with Adrian. Im looking forward to it. I love hanging with him. And I am at a point TODAY that I can say Im not hung up on him...who knows how I will feel when I get back.

As ridiculously trivial as it is..I love my life.



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