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9:05 a.m. - January 18, 2005
Happy Birthday to ME
Its my Fuckin Birthday.

It does however look like it will be better than last years fiasco. I already got a big bottle of Jack from Vonna (I work with her).

I dont feel any older but the records show I am. It would be nice to get drunk and laid and not work tomorrow..HOWEVER...I dont think that is an option.

Craig has somethinbg brewing but Im not quite sure what it is. Russ asked me to go to dinner and I said to play it by ear...fuckin hell.

So far Mom and pops and sis have called...And others have said happy bday so the day has started off well. I overslept yesterday..Glad I didnt today!

Okay well its off for a day of pure pleasure!

Peace Fuckers!



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