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3:31 p.m. - January 20, 2005
Im Meloncholy?
I didn�t write yesterday cuz I just wasn�t feelin it. I woke up exhausted and disgusted all at the same time.

My birthday was another disappointment. Not anywhere as close as last year but still uneventful. Brandy cooked me a fabulous dinner. Chicken Piccata, potatoes, squash and corn. She also baked me a cake. Thank the gods she is here or I wouldn�t have had anything.

Mom and dad called in the am and said happy birthday. That�s cool and they had bought me a whole new bath set way before so that�s cool too. Taryn called me in the afternoon and sang to me. Kel had to be reminded it was my birthday and I didn�t get even so much as a call from the grandmothers. Whatever�.

Everyone from work took me to Galileo�s for lunch (I love that place) and Vonna gave me a big ass bottle of Jack Daniels. Yay for work!

The plan was that we were gonna all get together at Craig�s for dinner and drinks. Brandy didn�t wanna invite Russ cuz he is a social leper. When she go a hold of him she told him what was up and asked him to bring some booze and he called us all a bunch of alcoholics and then got mad cuz, as he put it �you want me to bring the most expensive thing?!?� So the idiot goes out and buys a 40.00 Crowne Royal gift set�DUDE I DRINK JACK DANIELS!!!!! Russ just doesn�t get it�never has�and prolly never will. Brandy laid into him and I think he needs a lot of social refining. He is just gross. Nice but just as gross and unpolished as they come. I am seriously gonna hafta focus and get my shit together so I can have him move out this time next year.

So anyways back to the �party� (for lack of better terms). By the time I got there Craig was already tanked and completely belligerent. Brandy hadn�t gotten dinner ready really and Russ was sitting on the couch with his fuckin sweat pants on and his belly hanging out. (sooooooo gross). Billy and Bart came over. They too gave me a bottle of Jack�

I wanted to have a date or something for my birthday...NOPE�at least I have Lucky (sorta) and I do love him�more and more every day�I just wish we were closer�Like me back in LA�UGH�.he has filled a void I have and I am okay with the way things are right now with he and I.

So anyhoo�I�m 39�it sucks�but thankfully I feel the same�.so its just a number right? Maybe there will be some sort of holiday or celebration for me later that will make me feel special (er) some other time in the year�

On a high note�Denise is the ONLY one that really remembered�she sent me a card and called�I miss her�.and I got a great call from Britt calling me names for not calling her back. SO for you Britt�..

***I do NOT care about the sex-capades between you and James�I�m fuckin stoked your all happy�.I am busy TRYING to get my life on track and the last thing I need is BULLSHIT calls from you. Since you chose to call and be RUDE then you might as well know�I�m not ever gonna call you don�t care how I am anyways you just wanna talk about you and James and for the record�I AM SO SICK OF THAT SUBJECT�***

Okay MAYBE I SEEM A BIT ANGRY TODAY�I'm really not I just had something�s I needed to get out. I am glad as hell Brandy is here and I am fallin hard for Lucky and I am looking forward to tonight and Saturday night without Russ around�

Okay maybe I have PMS? Ahahah

Oh well I'm out�.



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