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8:19 a.m. - January 24, 2005
Fuckin Friends
Today has already starting out wierd. I guess I pissed Craig off for starters. He cooked dinner last night and it was me and him and Jeff, Dave and Brent. After dinner and watching Boondock Saints I needed to be alone. I didnt say bye I just went upstairs. I guess he is mad cuz he isnt talking to me. Geezus why cant people just let me go when I am ready to go?

Mom and I went antiquing sat...we had a ball..went to Ingrids Kitchen for lunch and hung with all these old people...they were so cool and cute...there was this really old band (the average age of everyone in the place hadta be 75) and all the old folks were was was great and the bakery was a REAL bakery with yummy butter and thumb print cookies!!!

I am going to WWE Raw with Jeremy tonight...I think...who the fuck knows at this point. It was supposed to be...Brandy, Dave, Craig, Jeremy and I. Now Brandy and Dave arent going. Jeff wants to go and then it would be him and Craig and me and Jeremy. Fuckin hell its all messed up. Who KNOWS whats gonna happen tonight. I need to talk to Brandy and call Jeremy...what a pain in the ass.

I took the fuckers advice (Brandy, Craig and Dave) and kinda told Adrian how I felt last night and he gave me the...not gonna happen 'tude....okay I need to just cut that loose period.

Lucky is a whole other issue that to discuss it right now would prolly be bad...but let me say this much...I seriously have deep feelings for him and I think that if he asked me too...I would just stop seeing other guys all together...wait I sorta have...

Anyways thats too much to discuss but...ill go into details when I am not as emotional about anything...

For gonna try to enjoy my monday...




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