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8:41 a.m. - January 26, 2005
Getting over it ..Slowly
First let me start off by telling Christine....

It's Okay you didnt call..nobody did...Happy Birthday early to you tho..I wont call and make a fuss cuz I know how you hate it....Love you.

I was sick yesterday. Well I dont know if I was sick or just plain exhausted. I came into the office and went home after being here an hour. When I got there I passed out after talking to Lucky for a bit and then woke up feelin better at 2. I stayed in bed for the entire day. It was nice. I feel better.

Went tuesday night to WWE Monday Night Raw..had a blast. Jeremy was so much fun and he is such the perfect gentleman. Hard to find in this day and age. I cant figger out if he is into me or not but I love his company.

Dad called last night and reamed me out about paying for the Woo...fuckin take the heap I say...'cept then I gotta drive the Z...which isnt that bad and I dont hafta worry about him beating me up over going out or anything.

I really wanna get outta here and go back to California. I know it isnt realistic but ya know it took narrowing the gap too see how great for me the gap really was. I am gonna get this fuckin stupid car paid off and I am going be with Lucky and my friends..and hang at the bow...yea I was broke...but I was happy...and this time Russ is NOT comin.

I guess it boils down to the fact that things arent happening for me the way I wanted them to (or had imagined in my head) and now Im bored and I need something...prollem is I dont know what.



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