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8:41 a.m. - January 27, 2005
Nothing Great
I have noting to report. I went home yesterday, went and tanned with Brandy and then came home and laid around. What a thrilling life I have.

Brandy told me yesterday that her and Dave wanna move to Phoenix in September-ish. Thats GREAT. I really need a girlfriend that wants to go OUT. Fuckin Hell.

I havent talked to Adrian and kinda glad about that. Lucky and I are still going along as well as can be expected seeing all the barriers we have. And Lonnie is coming over tonight I think. Thank heaven Russ wont be there.

Chris....good luck with the school and shit...tell Amy hi for me...I havent been really into talking on the phone know how that is. Live it up on your day..and have a drink for me...THAT is important. I miss you.

So this weekend I am gonna go to see Beer Mongers at the Green Door maybe ...or I may just pull up my boot straps and go somewhere I have never been alone to listen to a band or two...I gotta cut the chord with Craig and being so dependant on people. I remember when Chirstine told me it was ok to go it alone and I actually went to Habana by myself and had a great time...I think it is time to do that again...wish me luck...(god I wish there was a Habana here..I really miss that place!)




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