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8:26 a.m. - January 28, 2005
Brandy 5 Vicki 0
I have had it...seriously

I wanted a drink last night. I had resigned myself to going to Flip's for a glass of wine after work and maybe chattin up a few people (men) and Brandy called and said she needed a break from Dave so she wanted to join me. OKAY! Yay finally a night without her siamese twin.


I get to Flips and there is a couple of cute guys dude is eyeing me and thats cool. Brandy comes in and we start..wait...she starts talking about Dave...after about 30 mins this group of 3 guys move down by us. WELL turns out that the one looking at me is Rit Mathis...of Mathis Brothers Furniture. He is the son and all these guys work for Mathis Brothers...BIG MONEY...they talk to BRANDY...all about baseball and shit and I am sitting there BORED..then they ask us to go to another bar..we go...and she is all over this one guy..and the young one (Rit) is like lost in space...he is an idiot and i wasnt interested in him BUT...he was the only one for me to talk to.

So here is what I dont get..Brandy has a husband and a boyfriend and now she has got all three of these guys vieing for her...WHY?!? Not that I really wanted any of them but its just the fact..she has her share...and now she wants to go out with me tonight. NO NO NO...why can she get EVERY guy in the bar and I get NOTHING. It just isnt fair. She even asked me last night if Lucky was just a distraction so I dont meet men here. NO I cant meet men here cuz YOU'RE DATING ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!

Anyways I got home last night and Russ musta heard me pull up and goes to try and put the birds up. I was in a bad mood when I got there and got pissed at him for putting Harley up and not Paco or giving Paco fresh water. He is a god damned idiot.

Craig is pissy and thats not good either....

Then Brandy calls me at the crack of dawn cuz she said something to Dave to make him leave and she took his key. What the hell....

So anyways I think I may just go it alone tonight or go to Lindsays house and hang...

Oh and to make everything ALL THE MORE BETTER...

Its fuckin snowing AGAIN....I hate this place.



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