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8:51 a.m. - February 02, 2005
Witchy days ahead
I did some spell work last night. Busted up my thumb on my pestal making a powder. I hope this works. I may do it again tonight too. I need to do it more!

Didnt hear from Jeremy. No big.

I really have nothing monumental to repost. I just sat home last night and did my own thing. That was nice.

Oh on a different note. Sis is outta control and decided to tell me I am an unreliable loser again last night and that I need a man and should be settled down and married...blah blah blah

For the record let me state that as much as I bitch...I am really not in that horrible of a place in my life...location wise it sux but as far as ME I am cool. And as much as I hear her bitching about her husband makes me not want THAT life for sure.

I think one day I will get the opportunity to kick that soapbox right out from under her...




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