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8:09 a.m. - February 07, 2005
Monday and a Weekend Wrap UP
Well put another weekend down in the record books. I think I am setting my own personal record..I havent had sex in WEEKS. It may have a little to do with Lucky and maybe a little to do with not knowing anyone here really.

Things are going to change soon tho I think. I realized Brandy is a bit of a crutch as is Craig and I need to step out on my own more. Brandy is going back to Boston either this week or next and be gone for a couple of weeks. I plan on exploring who I am more at that time. She is okay but so high maintenence its scary.

So here is how the weekend wrapped up. Me, Craig, Brandy and Cesar went to Cattlemans for dinner friday. Brandy wanted to go out. I said okay even tho I didnt wanna but by the time we got home and we were all full of steak we didnt go anywhere.

Saturday Am Lindsay called at 730 and Me, her and Craig went to breakfast before her physical therapy exam. I went home and went back to bed and slept til noon. BUM!!!! Saturday night me and Brandy went to Bricktown Brewery to see Bishops Alley. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE...That band is AWESOME!!!

Now allow me to elaborate on Saturday. I had committed myself to going to see BA way before Brandy and I had fall out. And when we made up she said she would go with. HOWEVER...she tried mid getting ready to change plans all up on me. You know stuff like lets do this instead or go here instead...blah blah blah and I went left on her. I told her that I had adjusted my plans enough and that she could go with ME or go do her own thing. She immediately straightened up. Long story short we had a blast. We started the evening at Classics. That bar is cool but it is very apparant that I am going ot hafta frequesnt it alot more because everyone there already knows each know corner bar type places...

Yesterday was superbowl and Brandy decided she wanted to go watch it at Daquiri Zone. Okay ill go. But when we gat there it was wierd. There was ZERO energy in the air and the gals sitting at the bar next to Brandy had no clue about football...which pissed Brandy off. So at 1/2 time we left. That was fine by me. I do think it pissed Brandy off that I was cheering for the Eagles. Now I take Vikings football seriously but I can handle it if my friend is cheering for the other team and the Vikes make a bonehead move. She told me straight up if I didnt stop she would never talk to me again. Super-sensitive....the Pats won anyways. GEESH.

Dont get me wrong becuase I do love her but I think she belongs back in New England. Brandy will never make it as a southerner.

So this week is Fat Tuesday and stuff. I was supposed to go out with Jeremy but I havent talked to him so who knows...This weekend there is a show at VZD's and Glister is at Green Door...So I am gonna go to those shows. Ill prolly go alone but what the hell.

Okay well on that note I have alot of work to do and I also hafta write up some reviews for

Peace Fuckers!



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