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8:04 a.m. - February 09, 2005
Fat Tues..Bruce & Troy
Hump day...after Fat Tuesday...Wierdness

Okay where to start..lets see...

I jammed my thumb and it hurts like a bitch and my hands are frozen...

Yesterday Lindsay gets online and told me she met a guy at her work that would be perfect for me. He isnt my 'norm' but I seriously should meet him...Okay what have I got to lose right?

So I told her to call him and give him my number and she did...His name is Troy. He called me seems nice enough. A bit long winded but its cool. He was adamant that he come by my work and meeting me. I looked like shit yesterday, it was raining and hailing and windy. Okay fucker come on...WEEEELLLLLLLL

He isnt so bad, very attentive, nice and a great personality. A Big guy 6 foot something and ex military. But not your typical military dude. The only problem so far is he is ready for a girlfriend/wife/ I dont want kids...the other part I can handle but he needs to know that I have been single and self reliant for ever and I need to ease into the whole full blown relationship thing slowly...IF that is what I am gonna do. And at this moment I dont know what I am gonna do. However I do know this much, I will go out with him and see if he just has the "insert girl here" mentality or if I can handle a guy that would dote all over me. Who the hell knows...but he and I do need to have the "slow down" talk.

Brandy and I went out last night to Skyy Bar for Mardi Gras. It was PACKED and cool. I did happen to look up and Bruce was there. I almost shit my head. I havent talked to him at all...well since the "3 am incident". Brandy saw him first and told me. I flipped...see the other day I emailed him just to say hi and try to be nice. And his fuckin WIFE emailed me back. SO I am done with that shit. I was done anyways I just thought he and I could at least be civil. Well I saw him and I just looked right thru him...and Brandy said he just stared and stared. Fuck him...then when we got home she called him and told him off...didnt hurt we were a bit tanked ahaha. Im sure he thinks its me but it wasnt. She did it...fuck I cant remember what she said but something need to be castrated for what you are doing to your wife...whatever.

So I plan on going home and doing laundry and passing out tonight. Troy wanted to get together but I just cant tonight. I need to chill and he needs to take me out on satuday after I get done with Mom and T and Beep.

Brandy leaves tomorrow am for Boston for a couple of weeks...I think itll be good she and I have time apart and I also think she needs to be with Abi or not..I have a feeling she will be back for her stuff and thats that.

On another side of the record...Lucky...Brandy seems to think what we have is bad. I dont...he and I talked and we are A-okay and if and when we can be together...well we will cross that bridge when we come to it. For now...I love him so much and he fills a void I needed put that in your pipe and Smoke it.



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