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8:50 a.m. - February 11, 2005
Primadonnaz Review
Not alot to report today. I went home last night and did laundry and tanned with Craig. Then I wrote up the Primadonnaz CD Review for gotta check you this shit..Vito you will LOVE IT

SugarBuzz Magazine

I put Mike off and then the comedian called..I hafta work soI just blew him off too..Ill go see him tonight hopefully.

Craig had soem people over last night and when I got up at 4 am to pee..well they were still there I could hear them. He called me at 6 am just fucked up as can be bitching about them still being there. I called Lindsay and she met me at the house and we were gonna go kick them out but Craig wouldnt let us. He needs to be meaner to people and see when folks are taking advantage of him. I love him to death but hells bells...Oh and yesterday he got me Escada Rockin Rio for Valentines Day. What a sweetie!

So my plan fo rhte weekend is this..I am gonna try to meet up with the comedian tonight and then tomorrow I am going with Mom to take T and Beep somewhere. I dunno if Lindsay is going or not. Then Sat night I may stay home or I may not it all depends. And Sunday I have the Glister Show at the Green Door. Maybe Ill write up a review for Jucifer. One night I hafta hook up with Mike...its inevitable and I think I need it...



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