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8:55 a.m. - February 14, 2005
Happy Fuckin Valentines Day!

I just had to do that...Im cool. Nothing to report actually...well thats not entirely true..

I got a call friday afternoon from Mercy Hospital Emergency that Russ had been in a car wreck and was admitted to the hospital. Yea you guessed it he fucked up again. Son Bitch...wasnt paying attention and tried to leave a parking lot the same time a UPS truck was pullin in and he had a blind spot and got T-Boned by another car. Fuckin Moron. NOW he has been off work for 4 days and has no car. GREAT! back to square one with him.

Brandy has gone back to Boston and called last night wanting to come home today..okay no big..BUT she is so scared of being alone that she had made a date tonight with a guy she hardly knows or likes...then I get an email form her saying she hasta stay in Boston cuz she is so depressed...GAWD how much more of this can I take? She is coming home saturday around midnight...Im not picking her up and I think I may hafta tell her that I dont wanna deal with her psychotic episodes and her tendencies to be needy. Its killing me..and why guys find that attractive I do NOT know.

I had a good time saturday with my mom and T and Beep...we went to the Omni plex and had a ball...good quality family time had by all.

Troy wants to see me today but I think thats a no can do... Maybe later this week but not tonight..I dont wanna wait up til 1030 and I just wanna chill..I think Craig and Lindsay and I are gonna drink champagne and eat Godiva Chocolates and talk will be good...

I still Love Lucky...just thought I would throw that out there...

Hope everyone has a good one...



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