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8:13 a.m. - February 22, 2005
Weekend Recap
Randy's mom Iva died and they had the funeral in Tulsa yesterday. Sucked. I hate funerals. But suprisingly enough everyone seemed upbeat and I got to spend alot of time with my nephew which ROCKED.

I havent been feeling myself lately. Im not sure whats up. I just have no enthusiasm at all. I guess Im just lacking excitement. I havent seemed to be able to meet anyone. Fuck Brandy gets back and in less than a week already has a new Boyfriend. WTF????? I guess I am getting old old old.

I did meet one guy he is 46 and a biker. He seems cool enough but he doesnt drink and that could be an issue.

Saturday Craig and Cesar took russ to work at 11 and then the three of us went out messin around. We ended up at the HiLo (which I shoulda known better as I despise that fucking bar) and Craig got shit hammered drunk. Im not goingto go into all the details but when I finally got him to leave, (***sidenote***he had told Russ he would pick him up from work at 7) we left there at 6, he was so beligerant and mean that I got out of the car and told him I wasnt riding with him when he acted like that. Lindsay had to come pick me up. It was ridiculous. Also he never showed up to get Russ. I was in bed withthe phone off but at 8:30 Russ called and said Craig hadnt shown and when he called him he hung up on him. Craig seriously has some things he needs to work out. And at present I dont feel like I need to be around him. Makes it hard with him right downstairs but this is something I cant deal with right now.

And as far as Russ' problems. I am into taking them on either. He is 35 and should be able to take care of himself.

That being said. I am gonna work and try to have a little fun!

Oh and here is a link to my friends site. He needs a Bone Marrow transplant or he will die...Please help if you can..



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