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9:46 a.m. - February 24, 2005
Newer Pics and a Good Date
Well first off I thought I would put a few more recent pics of me up...for those that dont see me everyday you can see the fuckin hair...

That being done...lets see...I went out with Chris last night. I didn thinkI would like him really cuz the first impression was from the HiLo the night Craig flipped out (last saturday). However we met at HiLo last night and he ended up coming over...I kinda dig him actually.

I dont understand thaty HiLo bar. Sometimes it sucks..and when it does it sucks something rotten...but last night it was dead and it was fun...I just dont get it...

Chris and I are supposed to go out tonight...we will see I am gonna call him later today and see if it is on or not. I am keeping my fingers crossed... Also..Christine...who the hell is the Jesse guy? Are you having phone sex? How did you meet him? I need details hooker!!! Miss you.



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