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8:57 a.m. - February 25, 2005
Date 2...Im Diggin
Date #2...With Chris. NICE

We went to the HiLo at 6 and chatted and then headed over to Scooters & Hooters for beers and pool. Then back to my place. He stayed til like 11 and took off. I was POOPED. He and I may hang out sat. night. He said that his friends were having a card game he was supposed to go to but it would be nice to go do something different for a change. Could be good! He has suprised me so far. I am hoping he keeps it up.

Tonight nothing planned as of yet. I would like to go get a good dinner somewhere but I am thinking maybe ill just pic something up and chill at the house.

Craig is avoiding me like the plague. It is obvious. He used to call me every day a couple of time. He hasnt called and I asked himif he wanted to go to dinner..he said nothing. So I am figgering that he is still a bit pissed at me. I dunno why because I didnt do anything. Oh well fuck it.

If the weather is nice on sunday I think I may take my bike around the lake. Brandy will be with her new man all weekend so thats a no go. I thought she was gonna come with me saturday but she isnt. She called last night when I was out with Chris and she was gonna come meet up with us. Nope I was having none of that....we were on our way to my house anyways...thank goodness...



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