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7:43 p.m. - February 27, 2005
Scooters, Hooters, Drama and Idiots
I usually dont write on a sunday but I gotta get this out uninterrupted...and I am sure monday at work I wil be way too busy to deal...

First off lets talk about Chris...I was pleasantly suprised when he wanted to come over and see me friday was fine til he got here. We had a couple of cocktails but I guess I was oblivious to the fact he was already tanked til he dropped a glass on my nightstand and it shattered. That wasnt the worst of it. He wanted to stay over and thats all fine IF YOU FUCKIN SLEEP. He would NOT lay down and sleep. That fuck stick was up all goddamned night up and down up and down. I cant sleep very well when there is someone new at my place. But it is WORSE when they are having bouts of drunk insomnia. He kept saying "I just want another drink". LISTEN IDIOT you dont NEED another drink. I finally told him he either laid down and slept or he had to go...I told him I ABSOLUTLEY must have 8 Hours of sleep and I was getting pissed cus he was being a bad house guest and very inconsiderate. Well I called him yesterday and told him I had slept all day (lie..I was shopping with Brandy) and that I wasnt going out cuz I was so fuckin exhausted...MAYBE he got the message. I will see him again but not yet...

Mike from GD is calling I wanna see him but I just dont feel like jacking with anyone today...for real.

Brandy and I spent the day at Scooters and Hooters...was great we had such a good time with such a non pretentious crowd...I love Bikers. And I met a cool 53 yr old biker that was actually funny and HOT.

All Hell has broken Loose with Lindsay and Craig. I emailed them and told them that I didnt know what their fucking problem was. Lindsay emailed me back berating me and telling me that I take advantage of Craig by pawning Russ off on him. Hello you stupid Bitch...If Craig cant say NO then THAT is not my problem and he volunteered...I didnt tell him to do anything. What it boils down to is that Lindsays boyfriend is on his way here for 3 weeks and she doesnt want to lose her free babysitter. I sent emails back to her and Craig telling them to take a look in the mirror as I am not the only person that has behaved badly. (thats the nice version).

Long story short...Brandy and I came home and Craig had returned my CD palyer and my books he had borrowed. GOOD RIDDANCE I say..the last thing I want people here thinking is that I am a fag hag...SERIOUSLY. It is sad tho cuz I really care about craig. I could give a shit about Lindsay and her kids but I really thought Craig and I were friends. its funny...Brandy a silly way..."you are being mean...gimme my barbies back..." seems about right.



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