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8:02 a.m. - March 01, 2005
Paul Bettencourt Interview and Advice

A couple of things I need to adress before I rant on my own baloney....

This is for Sopretty...if you are reading this...and I hope you are...there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with you. There isnt anything abnormal about being single and 23 and not trusting men. I have been writing in here for close to 3 years...go back and read my shit...same ole same ole..ALL THE TIME...Roxy has been writing here a short time...same shit...right? happy with who you yourself then the right type will flock to you. Damn I wish I could take my own advice...crap. If you need to vent feel free to contact me via email...I may be as fucked up as they come BUT I got one thing on all you people...Im OLDER....

Okay that being said...I would also like to have everyone out there read my Interview with Paul Bettencourt. Yea yea He is Nuno Bettencourts brother (From the Band Extreme) but this guy is INCREDIBLE...SO here is the link to his MySpace and my interview at the Shug...lemme know what you think k?

Check out my interview with greatness...

This is as REAL as it gets!!!
Come on over and read it at:

Okay...lets see still no word from Craig or Lindsay and I guess thats a good thing...I could give I mean ya know like I said before I needed a break from him and he is Gay and a complete mess.

I am thinking of giving dad the car back. All of the sudden it seems it costs alot more to live here then in Cali. I guess I just had my sit together there better...and yea it was about 1600.00 I had to get from Chaz to get situated there. I am just not used to a car payment...its not working well with me...

So this week sometime I need to see Chris. I called him last night and shoulda had him over then, but i needed alone time and it was nice. Maybe tomorrow. I dunno.

Brandy met a new guy his name is Bobby and he is really cool. However she called to tell John to F OFF and that plan went by the wayside. Honestly I would rather her date a bunch of guys then just one...its alot more fun.

I dont have alot going on right now (ie this week) I gotta fgo get O Rings for the Z and get her laundry and chill.



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