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9:54 a.m. - March 03, 2005
Brandy, Booze, Chris & Mike
Well Brandy and I went for a couple of drinks last night. We started at the Sip and that was a freaky place so we left there and went to VZD's. I was gonna meet Chris at the HiLo but Brandy wanted to meet him before she went to Bobby's. So I called Chris and told him we were coming. Brandy SWEARS the guy is Bi-Sexual and I am thinking after all I have seen and heard I am leaning toward agreeing with her. I told him I was taking her home and I went home and called Mike (from the Green door) and had him come over...

I have got to say the guy is phenominal. Comes over...leaves without incident..takes care of business in between...I need to be more open to him coming over more. I was supposed to go back to see Chris and I didnt. He called but didnt leave a message. I prolly blew that one but hey, do I care? Not so much.

Brandy and I are supposed to have Girls night out tonight. We will see..Skyy Bar or No Skyy Bar that is the Question.



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