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8:59 a.m. - March 07, 2005
Weekend Wrap Up
Monday monday...HATIN IT

I also think it is time for me to look for a new job. The fun here is gone. I am so impatient too it kinda sucks.

Okay weekend...lets see..Friday night Brandy was supposed to go out with Bobby. He pissed her off so she and I ended up going to scooters and meeting up with Mike and his buds. That was cool we stayed for one beer and then went home.

I really am diggin Mike..even tho he is 53 I think I could have fun with him...

Saturday Brandy and I went out running around and doing silly stuff then she and Bobby stayed in to watch basket ball and I stayed home...they fought..she got mad..I slept.

Sunday was a day at the farm with the fam then to Dannys Blues Saloon with B..we had a blast...what a great place to go on sundays!!!



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