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10:17 p.m. - March 10, 2005
Pissed...and a Wake Up Call

Once again 'people" are holding my diary against me and making me feel ROTTEN for what I write...

Thats just SPLENDID....please contact me for a password cuz I may be locking my shit _________________________________________ I was drunk last night when I wrote that. I have never been one to say I am going to let people make me feel bad for what I write. That one jackass did that back on california on New Years Eve and NOW...who saw this coming...LUCKY has gone and read it and left me comments all through out. This is so disheartening. And in rebuttal I have emailed him and called his cell and work just like a terrorist in hysterics. But now that I am thinking with a clearer frame of mind... I am not going to become prisoner to locking my diary because people cant handle what I write. I havent done ANYTHING wrong. As for Lucky..I love him deeply..probably more than anyone else I have ever had feelings for. I know this cuz I went mental and then ate nachos at midnight. But the plain honest truth is..he is married and wouldnt even consider leaving his wife for more than a few minutes for me. I was and am happy with the way things are. I guess I was delusional. Myabe he will sober up and see what he has done and said was wrong. or not. But oh well once again live and learn. So again I am not locking my diary. And again I prorble have another one to Add to that guy, kara and whoever else hates me because of my diary. But all it tells me is that they didnt read the disclaimer. OKay on that note lemme say what Is up for the weekend. I am goin out tonight and tomorrow with Trix. She came over last night and we had a blast talkin and listening to music. Tonight it Star Crash Speedway at the brewery and then tomorrow the opening of Purgatory. Tomorrow during the day I am workin onthe Z as well as sunday and sunday I am gonna see Mike and hang out with him. He is gonna help me work onthe car and the we are going riding on the bike. Monday Randy and I are going to play pool....Thats the new guy I met. 39 Jewelry Store owner. Pretty nice guy. Im not expecting anything just a nice night out with a friend. THATS IT!



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