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4:23 p.m. - March 24, 2005
Sonic Nazis
Im mad as hell....

I dropped off 6 rolls of film at CVS monday night. The granny that works there told me that they would be done today and I could come get them...what she NEGLECTED to say was if I am getting a disc they send them to Guam to get done and then they are returned here to florida on the back of sea turtles where then they are loaded up on pack mules and sent over land at a break neck speed of +5 to get here to the armpit MAYBE friday. HELLO JACKASS I NEED MY PICS!!!!

Then to add insult to injury I went to Sonic for lunch with Heather and got a big ass cherry limeade ...WHERE...the Soni Nazis neglected to put even ONE cherry in it but overloaded it with limes. Now had I been wanting tequila I woulda been A-OK. But no all I want is ONE fucking cherry...Bastards...

This has been the longest day of my life and I think I need to figger out whats up.



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