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9:02 a.m. - March 28, 2005
Weekend Recap
Well weekend recappers....weeeee...where to start...hmmmmmm

Friday I went after work to the parentals and colored eggs with Kel and Cone and the kids. I left about 8 and hauled ass to Bricktown Live to see and review Klipspringer. Not really my type of music but not bad for what they do. Kelly and Andrea and I were having a jolly time. Chris never called or showed...and that wasnt really a bad thing.

I was walking across the bar to get a drink aand came face to face with Bruce (without an escape route i might add). He did look giid but proceeded to lay into me about the behavior of my 'friends' (ie Brandy and Russ). I told him that I have no control over either of them and that I was sorry but I can only say that so much...he told me he had gotten back together with his wife and at that point he had remembered why they split up. I gave him my card...he siad he would call me...I said I would hold my breath...

He sat from other parts of the bar and watched me and after a while the three of us decided to take off and head to tap werks where we could see our friend Trace from Star Crash Speedway play. So off we went. Andrea got a lil tanked and played with eeyore...

Kel and I just chose to eat some fries and stay a lil more sober..ahahaha

I split around midnight and went home.

Saturday Mike came over and we worked on punkin...end result now I think she is fixed and I let Russ buy the Daewoo. He is pathetic and needs a ride ...soooooo I am back to driving my baby daily and I figger if the weather gets bad it all about hitchin a ride....

I stayed home sat night...Mike and I got a lil tanked and I wanted to sleep. Sunday I got up and went to the farm for easter dinner. It was cool I split around 4 and headed home. Miek was calling cuz I had told him I may go to Dannys. I guess he is mad at me now cuz I didnt. I got home and endedup meeting Chris (the guy from the HiLo that Craig hooke dme up with) and had a drink with him at Ednas. I hadta have Andrea give me a rescue call as all he wanted to do was fuck. I am so not interested at all right now. Chris is fine untel he gets drunk. He called at midnight and told me he loved me. He is a wack.

All I really care too much to think about is Lucky and whats up with him...he takes up so much of my time that it seems I cant function without him...



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