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8:13 a.m. - April 05, 2005
Weekend recap and belly Aching
Im due to write I suppose. I am so fucking slammed with other stuff that I dont have time to partake in my normal routine of life. Apologies for the negelect. Believe me, Oklahoma City isnt so much fun that I dont have time to sit still. I do however think this is the Bermuda Triangle of the USA. days are not long enough, the parents are so close they are like a hovering UFO in Independence Day, the men are butt ass ugly, I could continue but I think you get the point.

The crazy fucking thing is I have met a couple of wickedly cool chicas that are making my adjustment so much easier. And with THAT I am begining to actually find this hell hole tolerable on a daily basis. The need to escape is waning to the need to hang out with girl friends and that rocks.

Lets see what Happened this weekend...hmmmm...friday night GoingLoopy and Trix and I went to Bricktown Brewery. We went to see Star Crash Speedway but we got there kinda early and ended up seeing some jacked up Grandpa whatever band with a guy in a yellow runnber suit. (see loopys diary) It was NOT okay. Then SCS came on and Todd was sick. 3 or 4 songs later they wrapped up and called it a night. We headed to IHOP to sober up and cause a ruckus. Here are some wasted photos of us sniffing a Peep pen.

Saturday rolled around and I went cruising all day in the gas leaking Z. No its not fixed yet. And then came home for a long spring time Nappy. Trix and I had plans to go out and we decided to 86 that idea and just chill. We made a meager attempt BUT it was fruitless.

Sunday I went to the parentals and had dinner and went to a rummage sale. It was a good time had by all.

So here I am rolling into Tuesday. The only thing thats not okay right now is that I am dealing with emotions I havent had in a while when it comes to Lucky. And by a while I mean since I first fell for Adrian. I hate it. Cuz I cant control it. I gotta figger out how to get a grip. Seriously. Thank the gods for Trix...I havent had a friend like her since....well forever and I will NEVER let her go. She was a major anchor for me last night. If you read this Trix...I love you thank you.

By the way I should have two new CD reviews from SXSW up today (I hope) so keep checkin the mag for more good stuff.

Okay well on that note i am gonna actually go try to earn a fuckin living.



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