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11:30 a.m. - April 07, 2005
Nada Lada
Okay it's Thursday. I went home and held down the couch last night. I also ate and watched law and Order Special Victims Unit rerun til I felt I needed to go to bed and so I did. Thats been the biggest fun for me. I did go drinking with Vonna tuesday night. we went to VZD's and to Classics. I dont think the booze is doing anything for me lately. I woke up at 4am and it sucked major ass. i think I just have alot on my mind.

They are supposed to post for my job soon. I dunno what happens then. I wanna stay but then again who knows.

I am trying to convince Lucky that coming here for a year wouldnt be so bad. Then we could save up and bail...go back to LA and live happily ever after...Am I making fruiteless hope? I care? NOT so much...

I dunno whats on the agenda for this weekend except that I gotta fix the car...period...end of story...Saturday AM...right off the bat...



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