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8:35 a.m. - April 11, 2005
Monday Shockers and Tornados
Well what a weekend....

First off I stayed home Friday and decided I wanted to lighten the blonde in my hair. THAT was a mess cuz the blonde I picked out had a powder developer...and you know me full of its on...15 minutes later I got to rinse and all the fucking black is gone...Now look. It took me a year and a half to get the pink streak outta my hair..and in 15 minutes I was platinum. THIS is not okay..I need the black I put it back...ahhhhh...what a pain...

I got up early saturday to replace the fucking hoses on the Z AGAIN...and after sacrificing 2 nails and a knuckle to the car gods I still have a fucking leak. I am at my wits end...I dont know what to do.

Saturday afternoon Andrea and Kelly and I went to The Conservatory for the 3rd Annual OKC Punk Scene garage sale. I coulda prolly stayed all day but Kel wasnt that into it. So we all took off and went to Johnnies for a burger and then to some overpriced Bohemian second hand clothing store (it sucked ass). I went home and passed out after that. I met dave from Skullpl8 and he wanted to hang but I wasnt up for it so I stayed home...

Sunday I went to mom and dads and we went to dinner and then back to the house to watch a movie. It was cool..then I came home, wrote a review and got ready for bed...and right as I was getting ready the fuckin civil defense sirens went off...yep...TORNADOS...lovely...these idiots on the TV were freaking out and saying shit like ...get under the sink and stap yourself down with a leather strap and wear a helmet...cuz if you dont you are gonna DIE...I slept thru EaRtHqUaKeS for christ someone tell these fuckers to turn the sirens off. Its fuckin NUTS!!!

Then to top it all off...I get up this morning and (CHRISTINE...PAY ATTENTION!!!!) I have an EMAIL from CK...(dirtyrice bike Chris...)He applied for a Job as a Dj in...OKLAHOMA CITY!!!! Holy Fuckin Hell. CHRISTINE!!!! TALK TO ME!!! I am not saying anything more about THAT!



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