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5:30 p.m. - April 17, 2005
Sunday Yawners
Its sunday. And I need to write my CD reviews and I am doing everthing possible not to. So here I Am recapping the weekend.

I was supposed to go to Tulsa to see Adran and the Sickness friday. Trix made it pretty clear she wasnt into it and that was okay I guess. I hate flaking on people more than anything. And the last thing I want is to become known as the Sugarbuzz flake reporter. Oh well. It was prolly for the best as I finally fixed the car friday night. There is no more gas leak (for now). I didnt go anywhere friday night but to the garage and then to bed.

I got up yesterday pretty early and went and got coffee. I figgered Trix wasnt up for anything since I never heard from her on friday via call or eamil so I took off about 11 and went to the farm for the night. I hate not having my phone but I did check my emails and voice mail. The farm was fun we played around with the animals and watched the mexicans tile the pool. I took Teeto down to the round pen and let her trot on Nick. SHe had a blast. Then we stayed up kinda late and played with Beep and stuff...went to bed about 10.

I got up this AM and we had breakfast and then Me and Kell went riding. Teeto rode double on Nick with me. My hands are hurt from holding the reins funny but I am sure a few Tylenol will help. Im just really tired. I left there at noon and came home cuz I just wanted to chill.

I have to come home tomorrow and wash the Z. I was gonna do it today but I just dont feel like doing much of anything. I am beginning to get closterphobic and need to go out but I am not gonna tonight. I have my first Z car club meeting Tuesday and I hope I can meet more new people to be friends with.

On the Lucky front...I havent really talked to him this weekend. He didnt call me at Kellis house which is fine. I need to be with him soon or I am gonna freak out. I am thinking tho if I set my head to it I can hold out til at least June and then if and when his evil wife tells him to beat it...well then he and I can focus on us. We will see...

Well I guess thats that...I need to go out soon and I guess I am gonna end up doing it alone...



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