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8:32 a.m. - April 20, 2005
Allergies Suck
Okay so I didnt go to the Z Club thing last night. I hafta go to the Exies tonight and I KNOW I am gonna be TOAST tomorrow. I have a feeling it is gonna be a long fuckin night.

Bruce showed up again last night...this time 945. I still didnt let him in as I wasnt planning on company. And his 'pop in' is kinda wierding me out. I dont know whats up but I will see him tonight and I plan on flat out asking him.

I am uber bummed cuz Trix isnt up to cavorting with me as of late. I was really happy to have a partner in crime but alas...back to me, myself and I. Its not so bad tonight tho since there will be people there I know. I just liked having her around...oh well.

On that depressing note I am gonna go try to attempt to look like I am working. I aint feelin 100% cuz I had a sneeze-athon that started at 2 am. Fuckin HELL.

Man I looked back on my diary and realized..I am starting to take life way to seriously...fuck am I getting old or what?



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