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11:45 a.m. - April 21, 2005
Exies that didnt
I figger I would take a sec before I go back to bed and sleep...Yea I stayed home today...FUCK OFF!

I went to see the Exies last night and I must say that I didnt really see them. The venue had MAYBE 45 people in there (what do you expect for a wednesday in the armpit? Oh and Violent Femmes was playing across town...BFD). The guys in the Exies ended up being dicks sorta..they never returned any of my previous emails so I am not 100% sure why I went except to support Star Crash Speedway. Who by the way prolly had their best show I have ever seen. Trace was wicked cool and gave me a backstage wrist band...So I went back there a bit it was neat. The guys from the Exies had a bug honker tour bus out back of the club and they stayed in it the whole time....Like they are better than everyone or something. Fuck I tell ya if I was an opening act and they headliner didnt even catch one single song I wouldnt of stuck around. SCS did tho...they rock seriously.

Bruce was there however he disappeared about midway thru the SCS set...whatever..he called at 630 this morning with some yammer about taking drunks home and blah blah...okay hun..Im not your mommy you dont hafta report in. I dont remember the guy being so verbose. Oh well.

I am supposed to go see Skillet saturday at Frontier City...dunno about that still. I hate doing big events alone. And then I am supposed to go to have drinks with their manager tomorrow...BUT the Z club is having cruise night so that sounds much more appealing to me. Play it by ear I will.

Okay I am going back to bed. I didnt sleep at all last night. it was uber cronic insomnia and the fear Bruce would show up again in the middle of the night. I kept getting up and checking the door. Not that I would mind him visiting but ya reasonable man.



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