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7:42 p.m. - April 21, 2005
Im Allergic to the World!
I didnt even bathe today. How fucking gross is that? I deserved a day of filth. I work my ass off (well not really) and I just wanted to sleep...and sleep I did. Til 4 pm...and whats so fucked up is that I Am still wanting more sleep. NEXT WEEK...less sleep. I think if I sleep less I wont be as fucking tired. Seems like irony I know but hell something aint right yo.

So I went (pre-mid day nappy) to Taco Hell and indulged in very bad trans fat tacos and THAT assisted in knocking me out. Then Lucky called and woke me up and the cravings of Ice Cream permeated in my skull so...on with the clothes and off to the convience store on the corner.

Yea it was the one where I met the hot dude and kissed him then he disappeared. I always look for him and realize he is just GONE..poof...I mean if I could make people disappear by kissing them...well fuck there are a NUMBER of assclowns that need to pucker up.

N E WAY...I get to the store and what before my wondering eyes appear ...but chocolate eclair blue bunny yummilicious ice cream bars...I have 3 bux..Ill take a trio...I get to the check out and Miss Iran 2005 says...'$7.50 please'. Ex-Fucking-Scuse me? These are ICE CREAM BARS MISSY NOT GOLD BULLION! I think my no makeup and the ensemble (lillian axe t shirt circa 1987 and cut off sweats) possibly scared the living daylights out of "dot" girl...$3.54 later I was on my way home with my yummy Ice creams. I put them in the freezer where they can send me subliminal messages (eat me eat me) all fucking night.

I gotta go back to work tomorrow...V will be back (thank the gods) and I will be back too. I still feel like shit. I hate allregies. I didnt realize I had them this bad til I didnt have them in Cali. I think I may don the pink satin jacket for work tomorrow and glam it up a bit. Is only gonna get up to 71.

I called ma this afternoon and asked if her and dad would wanna go walk around at the arts fest sunday (weather permitting). My friend Trace from SCS is playing in his other band and his whole fam will be there and I would like mom and pops to see. I think it would be fun too. Bruce went out there today. he told me he was going. I think he prolly went home and passed clean fuckin out. Dork.

So thats about it for the adventures in filth. I guess I coulda done some CD reviews OR washed punkin but I just wasnt up to it. I think I needed a day for me.



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