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7:35 p.m. - April 24, 2005
Weekend recap
Oky Doky....well sunday bloody sunday and what have I got to report? Not a fuckin lot....

Friday after work I took off with the 'OKC' chapter of the Z Car club. however I did find out they really arent all 'members' and you dont hafta be to take part in activities..oh and the "OKC" chapter hates the "Tulsa" chapter and whatever. We all met at Ann's Chicken Fry on Route 66. Yea thats the road made famous in the Depeche Mode song...ya know "get your kicks on route 66" .... anyways...MY car rules and thats all there is about THAT. For those of you who havent had the pleasure here is Punkin

Come to find out the OKC people want me to enter her in a car show and humiliate some Tulsa old hippie fuck that no one likes...OKAY! you dont gotta ask me twice yo!

So I was thinking when a group of people get together and go on a cruise you got from place to place...meeting other fanatics within your group and have a beer or a milkshake and go to another place and so on and so on and so on. Fuck no...Not in, cruising for these people is going from the South side of town to the North side. Pathetic...and I was hoping for some single people? Naw...the president of the OKC chapter is single...and close to my age BUT..bad teeth...ewwww. Nice enough guy but there is NOTHING there...again just a VOID.

I had intended to work all day yesterday on Shug stuff. I have a stack of CD's to review and it isnt getting any smaller....but I was out sick thursday from work and I am thinking I was still sick yesterday as I slept all fuckin day. I got up at 930...washed my fasce..went to tan and get hair color...came back did my hair and was back in bed by 11 am. THEN I slept til 5:30.. NO SHIT!!!!

Today I went to the parentals and we went to the OKC Festival of the Arts. We took Teeto. It was fun. the weather ws beautiful and I got to spend some real quality time with my niece...she is a great kid. All was well til the Bro in Law showed up and wouldnt let us get close enough to the music so I could hear my friends band play. Oh well, live and learn.

I was supposed to go see a band tonight...The Stock Market Crash. They were playing at the Conservatory. But with the departure of Trix I have had to regroup. So I am not going to any shows til I get caught up and on time again with the CD reviews. That goodness I was able to borrow a digital camera if I do need to go out. I hate spending money on film and after the trip to Austin it really really put a dent in my film budget.

My bud Myron is coming to town this week..should be good to see him ..either Wednesday or thursday and then pigface is on Friday. I may see if Bruce wants to meet me out. Who knows. I was supposed to see Skillet at Frontier City yesterday but I was so sick I didnt do it. Plus I didnt hear from Gary. I suppose I coulda called him but I was so tired I didnt even really talk to Lucky either.

Well on that note I am gonna go curl up in the bed and watch some ted Bundy special and HOPE we get a massive thunderstorm...would be good for sleeping I'm thinking!



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