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6:19 a.m. - April 29, 2005
Sign my Comments Fuckers!
Friday morning. I thought I would be alot more excited. I think the big downer is I am supposed to go to lunch with the bosslady. I think it will be fun BUT my co-workers prolly think I am a suck ass. She asked me to go so she could show me how much she appreciates me. Everyone thinks she has alterior motives. I just think she is a bit ambicious and wants to look good. She is younger than me and holds a high position. Oh well 'nuff yammer about that.

Plan tonight? Go to see Pig Face at the Green Door. I am gonna have to force myself out the door. I am so lazy and hate going alone. But once again the circle of friends is down to me, myself and I. And I know I wont make any new friends sitting here at home so OKAY I AM GOING.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to rummage sales. And after that nothing. I am thinking I am gonna try to finish all my CD reviews.

The new 'puter kicks ass in a major way. I love it. I owe Metal Chicks man in a major way. I am so glad to be rid of the Compaq computer and from what I understand this one is no longer even holding any Compaq parts. For those future 'puter buyers out there...stay away from Compaq. I got mine in 98 and it crashed 3 times. I dont know if that is bad but it cant be good.

Okay Buffy is on and the fucking "Musical" one is on today. I hate that one...ALOT.

Also I would like to ask people that read this Diary....if you have a diary on here to add me to your list so I can add yiu back and read what you are up to...or leave me a comment so I know you actually have a pulse and arent "stalker" stays...and that goes for the Ones of you in Long Beach, New York and Plano too. I just dont wanna get creeped out and lock my Diary.

Okay I am out for now...
Peace Fuckers!



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