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8:19 a.m. - May 02, 2005
The Quiet
Quiet is NICE. I figgered that out this weekend.

Friday the weather got really really cold. it was freaky and by the end of the work day I had pretty much resigned myself to sitting home. Boss had taken me to lunch at Bellinis and so after work I had to haul major booty to Adecco and get my check then to the bank ...then home and pick up the merch coupons for the Pig Face show...then drop them off...get dinner and go home and relax. It was good.

Saturday Am I got up and mom and I went garage sale-ing. I got a new dart board and mom knew of a dart supply place and I went and got a bracket and hung that bad boy. So now I can throw darts again. None of these hillbilly fucks play steel tip. Pussies...well hell in Cali for that matter they only play soft they rank in pussy-ville too. I dont see what is up with people and the fear of the steel tip. HMMMM...people regress and I guess one shouldnt play with sharp pointy objects if they cant handle it...its fuckin ridiculous all I wanna do is play darts but not with fischer prices ones! Fuck
I'll break out the plasic bowling set too if these retards want...

So saturday night I coulda gone out but I didnt I veg'd. It was cool. I just kinda needed a weekend to regroup. I am tired of drinking and all that so I am just going thru a down time and I like it. Plus roomie worked all weekend and I had the place to myself ...I love that. I got a phone call sat night From Big Dawg in LA. He was at House of Blues with Steve Summers and Pretty Boy Floyd. Both them and Eddie and Tracy from Peppermint Creeps got on the tele and were going on and on about how it isnt right to be at HOB without me. I miss them.

I got up yesterday LATE and didnt get dressed til like 1. Then I went to garden ridge and got candles, Craigs emporium for incense, Taco bell for ...well food and then I decided to run in CVS to get some sodas...

Well some redneck fuck in a pick up pulled up next to me at the light and watched me pull into CVS...he went big. no big til I came out and he was sitting there waiting for me. STALK MUCH?!? Man that shit freaked me out. As I was getting in my car he started talking to me and I ignored him and drove away.

I did laundry the rest of the day and watched all the Hannibal Lector series on television. What a thrill.

Today I am outta here early cuz I gotta go downtown and get a party ready for my group at work. Then I am gonna go home and chill out. The day here sucks cuz its raining and V isnt at work so I am gonna be bored to fuckin tears...

On a high note I get a new cell phone this week. I called Verizon friday after work and they told me I am due for the new every two and I got uber I got the phone I wanted really bad for like 7.00 I am SO TWISTS!!!!

Okay well I guess that raps it up for my weekend recap and how boring my life has become...*sigh*'s pretty fuckin pathetic when a new cell phone is your highlight eh?



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