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8:18 a.m. - May 03, 2005
The question burning a hole in my head right now is...Where is Axl Rose? I means seriously was he abducted? Guns & Roses Breaks up and all the other members are still visable in some manner...not mah boy Axl...this was peaked in my interest when I ran across this website:
Have You Seen Axl?
It actually made me wonder...

Okay Nuff of THAT babble...I am hung up on Bowling For Soup again...if you dont own anything of theirs go get it cuz they RULE...DO IT!

I had to email my landlord about the annoying dog that lives below not the single mother with the in and out ethnic boyfriend who slams the door. (dude learn to shut the door CORRECTLY for fuck sake) I swear the whole house shakes when he leaves or comes in. No I had to tattle on the fact that this girl just lets her mongrel out to run loose in the neighborhood and it BARKS at everything. I have never wanted an animal hurt but a trash truck, or any vehicle for that matter) could do us all a huge favor. My question is...why didnt Miss Thing find a place with a fucking YARD?

So Adrian called last night and wants to come up in a week or so. I am gonna let him I need to hang out with him. I miss the fun and I think in a way he does too. I am gonna be at the farm some this weekend...spend time with the kids and stuff...

I have the headache from hell and dont wanna be here. It was all I could do to get outta bed this morning. I wanna sllllllleeeeeep. The weather is cold again and I hadta turn on my heater at home and its rainy and dreary. All I wanna do is snooze.

Tonight is my last night with out roomie for a couple of days. I guess I need to go home and enjoy that again. Hopefully my new phone will be in today or tomorrow!

Okay so on that Note I am OUTTIE gonna order some office supplies and wait for ChickyBlonde to log on and chat me up!



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