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8:14 a.m. - May 04, 2005
VR and a little Rain
So now that I am on the never ending search for Axl I thought that I would take a step back to the good ol' days when GNR rocked all our asses. But since I cant FIND the man here is a vid from the remnants of dont I love DUFF!!!!In case you are a clueless fuck this is Velvet Revolver.

Ahhhh ....that is so sweet!!!Will someone out there tell me where the fuck AXL is? I mean shit...okay now I am outta hand

Okay so last night I went to dinner with V and the Asian from work. The Asian obcesses over the Phlegminator so much I am beginning to think she is gonna give herself a heart attack. We put away a bottle of wine at Pei Wei and then V and I went to flips for one and went home. I passed out...BUT not before opening what I got in the mail....more CDis!

Yep but this time its different. Not some locals playing whatever but 2 tribute CD's...One is a tribute to the New York Dolls...

and the other is a tribute CD to Enuff Z Nuff

Now I am sure if you now me you KNOW I am gonna listen to the EZN one first and so far i love it...I will do reviews on both CD's for the Shug the mean time I failed to mention I have 3 new reviews up there now so go read 'em.

I thought I would get the house to myself last night but roomie was there..he informed me he is off tuesday and wednesday..okay thats cool...I am going home and going to bed so I could give a crap ya know?

I think I am overbooked on Drink-o De Mayo I may have to join up the vampiric IM bud from Edmond and V for beverages. If we even go that is.

Tonight I am home to write and chill. I gotta get the rest of these old CD's reviewed I have been sitting on.

Oh and as far as the dog frm hell downstairs...NO CHANGE...oh wait there is SHIT all over my front yard...thats so nice..I love yard art.



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