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1:37 p.m. - May 04, 2005
EZN Tribute Cd Review
�A Tribute to Enuff Z Nuff�
Tribute CD from CD Smash Records
By Vix (SugarBuzz Oklahoma City Correspondent)
SugarBuzz Magazine

Well you all know I am a Glam Rock Junkie�and people who have had the opportunity to partake in the same air as me have prolly been to my house and know it is a shrine to Glam Rock. And one of my all time favs is Enuff Z Nuff. So it shouldn�t come as a shock that I jumped at the chance to review a EZN Tribute CD sent to me from Kerry Plummer at CD Smash Records.

This CD is a compilation of a variety of recording artists from all over the place. So what you are going to get in the following review fair readers is a bit different than what you are used to from me. I will touch on the songs but also give you links (if available) to the actual artist�s website and what I think of their efforts with the song they recorded. Oh and just to give Lucky a major migraine�I am throwing in a few more pics too�keeps it interesting all the way around.

�New Thing� is covered by dim. I couldn�t find anything really on this band but I was successful in locating info on the lead singer Keith Lubrant. This is a phenomenal cover of this song. I checked out his website cuz I wanted to know who could pull this off this well. Worth looking into kiddies�

The Millions do �Fly High Michelle� one of the more famous songs done my EZN. This band just flat out rocks my ass doing this song. It had to be karma that they covered this song for the CD. I don�t know if they got to choose or were told what to play but DAYUM. If you haven�t had the pleasure of running across this band you can in a couple of places on their website The Millions

If you read my review a while back of Best Of Seven I mentioned them covering �Baby Loves You�. This song is highlighted on here and the presence of Donnie Vie himself makes it all the better. Shane and the boys do a great job on this song and make you realize what a rockin band can do when they celebrate yet another rockin band. If you haven�t read my BO7 review check in the Uncensored archives for it�DO IT. Best Of Seven

Shawn Mars covers �Someday�. Hailing from New Brunswick Shawn has a helluva lot of musical experience. From backyard bands, playing like his heroes to Warner Brother�s record labels and Skid Row this guy has it all and has done it all. You can check find out more about Shawn here:
Shawn Mars

�There Goes My Heart� is possibly my favorite EZN tunes and having Crash Kelly cover this one is almost like a dream come true. A love child of 80�s Glam rock and pure rock and roll Crash Kelly emanates what this is all about. A Great band paying homage to another great band Crash Kelly

Next up on the CD is �Heaven or Hell� covered by R50. Geoff Abraham is the lead vox on this track. This song is remarkable. It is very well done. Back before Vix Sugarbuzz did a review of R50 ...My thought? we need to cover them again and SOON!

Barely Pink covers �Ain�t it Funny�. This band has such a diverse sound to them. With influential overtones from bands like Cheap Trick to Todd Rundgren they make a statement with this song. Barely Pink

�For Now� is done remarkably by Receiver. Unfortunately I couldn�t find anything out about this artist either. It becomes apparent how much I depend on the net when I do stuff like this. And what is really sad is when I hear something as great as this recording, want to know more about the artist and there is nothing I can find�

Next up is �I Could Never Be Without You� sang by Willie Hines. How cool is this song? Listen and you will see. Willie is the lead singer of Jet Red and has his own solo project out. He is also accompanied with his Jet Red partner Johnny Friekert. Together these guys with John Williams on Bass and Kelly Rogers on background vocals bring this song to the forefront of the CD.

�Day By Day� is covered by WWJLD This is a kick in the pants. In case you are wondering their name means �What Would John Lennon Do?� They are fun and funky and II hope this CD helps to get them the exposre they so deserve. I would love to hear some of their originals.

Jim Crean and Phil Naro join together to do �Blue Island� Phil has a colorful and elaborate musical background. Join him and Jim together and what you have is a combination that makes �Blue Island� a near masterpiece.

Phil Naro

I loved �One Step Closer� from the first time I ever heard it. Yea freak I have EZN on vinyl, and CD and cassette. This song is so great and done complete justice by Zion James. Yet another case of not finding what I need compliments of the WWW. But I am going on a ruthless hunt for the bands I couldn�t find things about. Stalker much? Nah.

�Your Heart is No Good� is covered by the Rioteers. OH MY GOD these guys are a blast to listen to. Rockin me off my seat and making a statement at that. I need to do a review on them and their stuff. Hailing from Detroit a bunch of good friends formed this band and it was nothing short of magic. You can hear it coming thru in this cover.

�Freak� is performed by Seven Wishes. What a hot fuckin band. I am so LUCKY to have gotten this CD cuz if I hadn�t I might not have ever heard these guys. I need more of their music. Seven Wishes

A live recording of �Long Way To Go� by Frankenstein 3000. The self proclaimed �Most Rock & Roll band in the world� Yet another band I need to hear more from. They rock they roll they had me wiggling all over the place.

As a big ass bonus we get �She Forgets� performed by the infamous Donnie Vie. I don�t think I need to say a lot about this guy since I am thinking if you even have a � of a clue about EZN then you KNOW who he is RIGHT???

I was told we don�t cover �cover bands� or �tribute bands� and that�s completely cool with me. I, as a music journalist, have learned about diversity and listening to what a band plays, feel passionate about, and how they got to where they are. But when I get a tribute CD that is artists and bands covering tunes in way to celebrate another bands achievement, well that�s another breed of dog kiddies. This CD is one that any EZN fan should have and hold dear. It not only delivers to you a wealth of talent that you may not have experienced before but also lets you hear EZN thru others ears. You can pick up a copy of this CD at the CD Smash Records website.

Vix in OKC Signing Off
�Peace Fuckers!�



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