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8:39 a.m. - May 05, 2005
Mexican Holiday I Can Celebrate Too!
Well in keeping with my tone for the week I am still in search of the ever elusive Yeti Axl Rose. Still nada.

I got home last night and there were huge amounts of doggie poo all over the place. It pissed me off to high hell. Obviously landlord hasnt spoken to the idiot beneath me about the dog and lack of attention to doggie habits. So once again I emailed him to 'splain that I like yard art (flamingos) but dog piles were not acceptable. AND that I thinkI may have been spoiled in California but...people there got ARRESTED for not picking up the poo. You cant smoke in california and your dog cant shit. I think it is a scream to see these snooty people walking their lil moppy dogs..or the rotties for that matter and carrying a bag for poo. I dont think I should hafta look carefully at the lawn to avoid stepping in poo. Its my lawn too and I dont shit in it.

So in an effort to annoy her as much as she is annoying me with her stupid fuckin dog I cranked up a lil Bowling for Soup again LOUDLY before I left for work.

I am supposed to go to Drinko De Mayo with V today. Last year at this time I was out with the gang in So-Cal in Fullerton. Echo Love Chamber was playing and I was TANKED! Some days I miss Sammy. he was cool but I get tired of his never ending yammer about himself.

I talked to Roxy last night. I miss seeing her and our nights at Hometown Buffet.

Well enough reminescing. I will have yet another story up onthe Shug today ...The check it out...



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