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8:18 a.m. - May 06, 2005
I Got a New Cell Phone!
I got home last night and my new cell phone was here. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! its so kickin chicken cool. I now have a better phone than alot of you jerkies! It is gonna take me all damn day to get all the info in it right tho...crimany.

Stil looking for Axl. Research says he is hiding out in his house in LA cuz he has a bad 'tude and doesnt play nice with others. Looking into that info. Dunno about the reliability of the source. So falling into the realm of what wance was and what is better now here is yet another Velvet revolver vid to roll into friday.

I am going to get my check today and then to Garden Ridge to get moms mothers day gift. Then to walmart to get a charger for my tele and then to the house. I am gonna lay back and take it easy tonight. Then tomorrow I am gonna go to the farm later in the day and spend the night. Should be fun.

Nothing more than that. Its friday and for that I am happee...



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