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10:34 a.m. - May 07, 2005
Fam and Farming
So last night I met John from Stellar Chromatic at Classics for a few. My sis stopped in and hung for a bit..It was cool. John gave me a CD and we talked about music and relationships.

When I woke up this Am I was in kinda a melodramitc this seems apropriate...Damn I love Rob

I am heading out to the farm later to hang with the sis and the kids...gona prolly be boring but what else would I do? Nada but sit home so I might as well go for a drive.

Ill be home later tomorrow aftrnoon..the change of scenery will be a good thing I think...Plus its nothers day. So the parentals will be comikgn out for meatloaf and a starch filled dinner to make us all fat and happy...whoopie fuckin DO!

Ill prolly write some reviews tomorrow..its alot easier now that I have the ability to convert all my shit toi HTML...

On that note I am out...



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