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8:42 a.m. - May 09, 2005
Post Moms Day
Nope still no Axl...just thought I would get that out of the way. But in the same sense I decided to move anther direction and put some other old farts on here...they may be old farts but they still rock my ASS...

Okay so weekend...hmmmm...I went on friday to meet John...which I said in previous entry...then on Saturday i went to the farm...hung ut theere with my sis and the kiddos...we went to Wal Mart..THAT was tramatic as sis bought so much crap that the cart was literallyu overflowing and shit was falling out. She spent 330.00 on one weeks worth of groceries...AGAIN with why I have no kids...

The parentals came out sunday and I cooked a big fucking meatloaf and taters and carrots...Kel made peach cobbler. it was good. I took T out and she rod Nick all by herself. And the parentals watched. She is gonna bea great rider some day. hell for a 7 yr old she already is.

I had full intention in going out last night but I didnt. I went home and crashed hard!

This week I am gonna try to get outta the house some....go do a few things...throw some darts..that kinda thing...we will see wont we?



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