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9:27 a.m. - May 13, 2005
Rain and Friday
I need to rock out today. I came to work dressed like a S.L.O.B. Stupid T shirt with a screen printed dragon, jeans, tennies and the best part? My hair in a tail...I NEVER do rained like a mother fucker last night and I have a feeling it isnt done ...YET.

I am going to VZD's tonight to see Alpha Male play. They RULE!!! I am gonna cover them for The Shug sooooo pics and festivities will ensue. I hope I am not alone like I was wednesday night.

I am supposed to have a friend come in town...dunno about that yet...and Bruce called last night...we are A-OK. he is travelling alot and will come see me next week. Like I told him last night. I would rather see him for a minute than not at all.

Okay well on that note I am OUTTY



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