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8:23 p.m. - May 16, 2005
Axl and Masturbation
Upon the discovery of Axl I felt it was necessary to inumndate readers with GNR look at yesterday for Patience and here is Yesterday

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Today was basically fruitless. I did nothing at work pretty much. I wrote a bunch of stories yesterday for the Shug so look there to read the NY Dolls tribute CD and the Sour Grapes. Alpha Male will be up soon and others I am sure. I am caught up as most of the CDs I had sucked major ass.

So I come home from work and go into roomies room to check his birds. And what do I see on his desk? A BIG bottle of KY warming liquid.

Okay...first off I DO NOT leave any sex toys or paraphrenalia around. Its inapropriate...however I think I might have to. he in his room beating off all the time? And is he thinking of me? And how about when I have he LISTENING and taking part in his own fucked up way? This is the second bottle of KY I have seen in there and it is GROSSING ME OUT!

I dont know if I should tell him it bugs me or ask him to put his shit away or just move it so he knows I see it but fuck man it is FREAKING me out.



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