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8:27 a.m. - May 16, 2005
U2 and a Calm Weekend
I wrote all day yesterday for the mag trying to get caught up on my CD reviews. I get a shit load of CDs every week. And let me tell you for the most part they suck. what makes me sad is these poor kids dump all their enery and heart and soul and money into getting a CD when they shoulda hired someone who woulda said..."save your money!!!"

I have a pretty close aquaintence that sent me his CD. For what it is...its good but is all instrumental and everything sounds the same. When I went to the CD cover to see who was playing what I couldnt even give review credits cuz HE played everything and soem of it was computerized. For me I wouldnt even buy that kinda shit. So I had to toss that. There there were a few others that I couldnt review cuz I couldnt find anything worth a shit about them.

Friday I went to see Alpah Male and some other band that sucked...that review will be up later this week as I Am waiting on the pics. I will have a few stories up today and that is good.

I talked to Cookie last night and he said he heard that the opeing band for Alpha Male on friday was quite possibly the worst band in existance. That sums it up I am writing about those assclowns.

I am at work and have a bit of stuff todo today. Lucky got my ring on friday and said he was gonna mail it today...we will see....

No plans tonight...sometime this week Bruce may stop by...I hope so I miss him... Oh and for ChikyBlonde...YAY FOR COCK RINGS!



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