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9:15 a.m. - May 20, 2005
Friday Free For All
Thank the gods for friday... I love friday with all the fibers of my being. Especially when it is fuckin 150 degrees outside. Oh the joys of the armpit.

This has been the fattest week of my life. I have eaten the pleminators weight (which would equal a volkswagon) in CRAP, Wednesday we had lunch at Belinnis (the whole office) crazy shit man. And then came back to the office and had CAKE. And not just any cake but fuckin Belgium Chocolate. Crap. The yesterday a girl at work that had popped yet another spawn was here for a 'luncheon'. That means 200.00 for lasagna and MORE CAKE. Then I came in this morning and the "management" had pancake Breakfast for all employees. MORE FOOD. Now you may say ..."well you dont gotta eat it". Listen fuckers its free...and if its free...its for me!

Tonight is Star Crash Speedway at Bricktown Brewery. I am going with Shelby, John and Von. It'll be fun cuz they are wicked fun and cool. Maybe ill get lucky and meet a nice boy too..(yea as if)

Speaking of boys...Lucky is out of control. I am trying to get my trip planned out and fit all my 5 yrs of friends in 7 days. He has a WIFE and hasta work and he thinks we wont have any time for each other at all. I am all like " cant spend the night or anything so why are you getting mad? I have NO INTENTION in sitting in a hotel room ALONE!!!" My intention? To party like Im gonna DIE when I get back!!!

Okay and on THAT note I am outty to fuck off an entire day and go cause a ruckus tonight!

Later peeps!



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