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9:42 a.m. - May 21, 2005
The Evolving of Moods
One thing I hate more than anything is when I start out a day in a gloriously chippy mood and it becomes so sour that all I wanna do is sit in the dark. Well thats what happened yesterday. Allow me to elaborate:

I went to work and was totally happy. It was friday, It was sunny and even better...I was going to see SCS at the brewery with some friends. If I had a game show buzzer, like they had on family feud when you are wrong, it would go off about now.

Lets see where to start. I went in and they had food and that was good. I had told V to meet me at my desk at 8. I got there and at about 5 after she wasnt there so Metal Chick and I went on downstairs to the breakfast. We sat with Bosslady and J and a few others. After we were well into our food V shows up and berates me about not waiting for her. EGAD...she was late.

Then we go back upstairs and Metal Chick is showing me picks of her first marriage and stuff and J comes out and proceeds to show pics of her hubby in his undies and a bra. It was hilarious. Amid all this I mention taking a pic of the asian and how she liked to pose.

J proceeded into the meeting that all the 'real' employees have and mentioned in front of everyone that I had taken a pic of the Asian "Last Night". Not what I said but BFD.

Well after the meeting V and the Asian call me to come into V's office and shut the door and proceed to YELL at me about talking to J. They told me what she had said and I proceeded to correct the convo to no avail.

I get back to my desk and get an email from V telling me that she wants to trust me but if I breathe a word about anything she tells me it could be bad. (this is paraphrased) I email her back and said...I didnt and hadnt said a thing and if it was such an issue then dont tell me stuff if she doesnt trust me. I also said that maybe it would be a good idea if I didnt go drinking after work with them anymore since it is aparantly one of the 7 deadly sins.

V brought me cookies at lunch from Ingrids...didnt help my mood.

The more I thought about it the madder I got. You see V hates Bosslady and so does everyone aparantly. So when you really look at it, it is like its an 'us against her' thing in the office. She hasnt done anything to me. I can see where V would get upset sometimes BUT V over analizes EVERTHING. Then the more I started thinking the madder I got. I am the comic relief in the office and as much as I like being funny (and I know I am) it would be nice to be taken seriously from time to time. And I got madder.

Then I really started thinking. Could V and the Asian be kinda using me to get info? Or vice versa? Bosslady never asks me shit but those two obcess over everything. I had made a plan when I came here not to get too involved with people from work and now I have and to add insult to injury I think I am being used as a pawn.

So I left work early and came home and laid down and never got back up. So I missed out on fun and stuff all cuz the hens at work made me pissy.

Now the fun doesnt stop there...Lucky got busted by his wife when she looked thru the pics on his digital camera. She saw pics of the bands he went and saw monday when he was 'supposed' to be at an AA meeting. She had accused him of lying anyways but now she had proof. So I had to listen to that drama all damn day. She was threatening to divorce him again. She wont. He knows it, I know it, so whats the big deal? He needs to grow a set and tell her to fuck off when it comes to the mag OR had off the responsibilities to someone else.

Trip isnt coming together yet as well as I thought but I have close to 2 months to figger it out. I need to save save save. I wasnt thinking when I booked the flight to stay for a week. I am sure Ill be okay financially BUT...UGH. Maybe I wont pay any bills in July...thatll work!

So today I Am gonna wash the car and clean out the inside. Go tan and do a few other things. The house is a wreck so it needs cleaning too. I am still pissy from yesterday and I wanna just be left alone for the most part.

I am suprised V hasnt called or emailed but maybe she is thingking Ill get over it and just move on and all will be well on Monday. Guess they dont know a capricorn as well as they think...cuz I will probably be madder on Monday tan I am right now. I hate the way shit festers in me. Character Flaw.

On that note I am out...



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