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11:25 a.m. - May 23, 2005
Ebay Obcession
Here I sit at work obcessed...

I am selling things on Ebay and all I have done is REFRESH my screen so I can see what is selling, what is being watched, what no one notices and how many hits I have had. I am certainly losing it. I went thru this before and I had forgotten til i refreshed again how obcessing Ebay Selling can be.

My friend L Cunto is selling herself on Ebay...Internet prostitution at its best. Started out as a "I need boobs" thing and now is "web cam with me for a fee" Gosh..I thought I had done a few outlandish stunts but I would NEVER...okay I would if I had the bod for it..Not that my bod is bad...just not elasticy 24 yr old.

I am going home to grab more shit to sell...I cant stop I gotta fund my trip to LA...desperation with out the deviance...

I was a lard all weekend. I just listed shit on ebay and watch marathon Law and Order episodes. How didnt ever RING....its okay tho I wasnt up for going anywhere. I think I was still stewing on the drama at work.

I started back on the ominous NO CARB today. gotta loose the YUK before LA. I cant see everyone lookinglike I look right now...Its BAD.

Okay well I am off to refresh my ebay page...IF there are any NASCAR fans out there (esp Dale Earnhardt fans...plese go to ebay and buy my shit!!!) Search by seller under 280ZGal...If I now you and you let me know Maybe i'll cut you a deal!




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