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8:20 a.m. - May 24, 2005
People WANT My Shit
Peopel are starting to buy my shit on Ebay. I got alot of stuff listed. Yesterday I saw a guy on there selling his soul. People were bidding on it. So why the hell NOT right? I mean if this assclown can get money for NOTHING..why cant I? So I put this up there....Cool Chick Needs Help Getting Home.

So why dont some of you out there ASSIST in the cause? I listed more clothes and things on there yesterday. Some goth fetish stuff and shit. So far so good. I just want this to fund my trip. This is more fun than a garage sale. As the week rolls on hopefully people will want my crap. I did at one time so I figger someone out there might.

I am having NIGHTMARES. Last night one was so vivid that when I woke up I felt like I was still in it. NO MORE CSI MIAMI. Thats gotta be it ya know?

Okay well I dont have alot to report except that I want people to buy my stuff and stay tuned as more crap will be listed soon. Okay I am adding to this today...first off I changed my auction to a buck...and alot of people are bored today so give this a whirl...



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